a bright Friday

I am starting very late today, although not too late to write a few hundred words if only I can focus.  There were various chores to do first, and some reading I wanted to finish up, and emails to send, and so the time goes.  But now I am ready to begin writing, and trying this space to warm up once more.  I am pleased, oh my Faithful Reader, that you are glad to see me trying again.  It has been many years now that you and I have spoken, even if the silences have been long.

So, what is there to say today? It is bright outside, not as warm as earlier in the week but still warmer than during the holidays — and for most of the world in winter, ridiculously so, but here it is normal, these bright breezy days like an early spring. In the garden at my daughter’s school narcissus grow in abundance, they are beautiful but also bring some sadness; the teacher she had at the beginning of the year loved that garden and put much care into it and into sharing it with the students, and now he is gone from the school, for what reasons I do not know, but it was not of his own will. But the garden remains, and today perhaps when I pick my daughter up I will encourage her to come with me and smell the flowers.


One thought on “a bright Friday

  1. It is certainly not a season for narcissus up here, where snow is on the ground.
    Yesterday we had a gorgeous morning, sunny with bright blue sky, crisp from the frigid temperature. It is still a long time to spring.

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