fruit of roses

Food as well as flowers, I ended with last time — and afterwards I remembered how when I first moved to this house in the autumn, I found the roses beautiful but I knew nothing of how to care for them. They are not picky, not the ones at this house, but if one wishes them to bloom again and again it is good to cut off the heads of the flowers after the petals has fallen, to tell the plant it will not have the seeds and must try once more. Not knowing, I left the heads upon the bushes, and eventually they turned from green to a beautiful orange, and from there perhaps even to red, I do not quite remember, for at some point in the winter I began to love the roses and wish to care for them and so read and learned to cut off the little orange-red balls that still remained and put them into the yard waste bin with the rest of the debris from the garden.

It was not a bad choice, that, but now I have discovered that I could instead have saved them when I cut them, and trimmed the top and bottom off and cut the ball open to remove the seeds — and what was left would have been rose hips, to make into a tea, or to cook and puree for a soup, or even to make into a jam were I so bold. Perhaps this year I will make the experiment and if they please me I will have food from the flowers as well, the fruit of my roses.


One thought on “fruit of roses

  1. Never heard of usage of rose hips for soup, but tea gets really good with them, with wild rose hips especially. For jam, I think, you need quite a lot of them. Maybe adding to another berry jam for taste.

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