domestic interlude

I have written here much this past week, in my mind, but not at all in actuality, as anyone reading may easily see.  It is one thing to have space, another to use it, and there is always so much else clamouring for my attention — indeed, with two small children, sometimes an actual clamour, not to mention the climbing into my lap and asking endless questions (the older) or trying out new vowel-consonant combinations in order to get picked up and held (the younger).  That last was particularly effective over the weekend; my son discovered that when ‘Mamamamama’ all by itself does not work, adding ‘BABA!’ very loudly does, because everyone must turn to him and say, “Oh goodness, did you just say baby?”  Which he certainly did, as far as I am concerned, and perhaps even as far as he is, since it got him picked up off the floor and kissed repeatedly.


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