to satisfy curiosity

I really created this account to take advantage of the ability to follow other blogs, but now that I am here I’m reminded that a few weeks ago I was feeling the need for a little more space.  I have a tumblr I am quite pleased with, mostly collecting poetry I like, and I have a Goodreads account in which I attempt to account for my reading, but both of those are rather sideways from personal.  On the other hand, I am quite a private person, so what would I do, writing about myself in public?   But on the third hand, I seem to be tempted.  I think, today, I blame Salinger; “what a family of psychotics and psychopathic prodigies I come from.”

As for the outside of myself, I cook (a little), garden (more but not as much as I would like), parent two children, put up with two cats, read, write poor poetry, neglect my knitting and spinning, and dedicate the bulk of my time and energy to human relationships.

So, if anyone whose blog I follow wonders who it is that is following them, now your curiosity is satisfied.


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